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How is your key kept secure?

Many of my clients give me a key to keep in file.  Have a key on file assists with last minute pet sitting requests and reduces travel expenses to and from the clients' home to pick up a key each time.  The clients' keys are kept in a securely coded lock box.  Each key is labeled with a code that only I will link to the owner.  I never duplicate keys.


What forms of payment and when is it due?

I take cash and personal checks.  There is a $20.00 fee for any returned checks.  Payment is due before the first visit.


What is your availability?

At Your Home Pet Sitting, LLC is owned and operated by Kathleen Manes.  I will be the only pet sitter coming to your home.  Advance pet sitting requests are suggested to insure that they are scheduled and available.  I do not overbook myself to accommodate every request.  Early am and late pm pet sittings are available based on availability.

Trustworthy and reliable?

At Your Home Pet Sitting, LLC is registered with the state of Florida and also is bonded and insured.  I am also a member of Professional United Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.  These are two of the largest organizations in the pet sitting industry.  I also provide testimonials from my clients.  Upon the clients request, personal notes or text messages are left after each visit to keep you updated on your pet care.  I am also certified in pet CPR.  I have also conducted a background check on myself that I can provide to you.

Do you charge per pet?

No.  My standard fee is determined on the amount of time per visit.  If there are many pets in the home or pets that require lengthy attention, additional fees may apply to allow for adequate time to accomplish all that is required for the visit.

Do you still have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pet Sitting (at your home) work?

At Your Home Pet Sitting, LLC will come to your home to take care of your pet(s) whether your on vacation, working late or just need you pet walked. If you are on vacation I will visit your home as many times as you request based on the individual pet(s) needs.  I will feed, walk, change drinking water, poop scoop, administer medication, bring in mail/newspaper, water plants, check home security and rotate lights and blinds based on your requirements.


Will we meet the pet sitter before booking? 

Yes. The initial interview visit is complimentary.  The meeting runs about an hour to an hour and a half.  It is suggested that this initial visit be booked at least two weeks before the pet sitter is needed.  The purpose of the visit is to insure that you, your pet(s) and the pet sitter are comfortable before booking.  Once everyone is comfortable we determine how many visits per day are required, fill out detailed paperwork on each pet and obtain a key and any security access codes.

Kennel vs Pet Sitting?

Boarding your pet in a kennel while you are on vacation may not be the best option for every pet.  The pet is out of their home, where they are most comfortable and secure.  Their normal daily habits are disrupted.  They are exposed to unfamiliar noises, smells, may experience potential stress and exposure to illnesses.  There is no travel trauma to the kennel when you use a pet sitting service.  I strive to keep your pet(s) on their regular schedule so they can relax while you are away.  Kenneling multiple pets can be expensive.  I do not charge per pet.  (additional fees may apply if the visit(s) require additional time)  Your home will appear lived in while you are away with alternative lights and blinds daily.  Trash and recycled will be taken out and brought back in,  if needed.  Daily mail, newspapers and packages delivered will be brought in.

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